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We’ve been working with Flicks for a couple of years now. A lot of the art we’ve used on flyers and apparel came from the creative mind of this amazing artist.

Get to know Flicks

Hello, my name is Flicks, … live and based in East Java, Indonesia. My curiosity was so high that in 2007 I decided to get to know graffiti and took to the streets

Why film, because film is a capture or flash, which means that every piece of my work has the meaning of aesthetic energy in every flicker if everyone sees and enjoys it.

and I took the initiative to continue serving in the world of graffiti until I grow old. i will still draw vandals, tags, throws on the street and from this graffiti that changed my life.. i am very inspired by international artists and local artists who made me who I am today..

I am a graffiti artist with a wildstyle graffiti style, namely a style with fonts that are very complicated and difficult to read, but I can also make other graffiti such as realism, 3d, newschool, oldschool, bubble and others..why I chose a wild style, because that’s where I thought about how far I would make the letter develop

and in the end I became one family with an international crew, namely TOG CREW AND RUSSIAN CANTSTAPO and the art gallery XZBT

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